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Chadwick Forklifts Pty. Ltd.
Description: Used forklift sales & rentals.
Contact Name: Cliff Chadwick
Business Number: 9555 2066
Business Mobile: 0438 040 007
Member Name: Cliff Chadwick

AMC Commercial Cleaning
Description: Our cleaning service uses quality trained staff and the best available equipment to get the job done. The cleaning process is supported by proactive managers who uphold the highest quality assurance standards. This results in our customers receiving a complete cleaning service at a competitive price.
Contact Name: Pasquale Divirgillio
Business Number: (03) 8769 6000
Business Mobile: 0417 002 405
Member Name: James Han MD

Niki Office Furniture
Description: Niki Office Furniture supplies the best in office furniture across Melbourne, delivers it to you quickly and at a price youâ??ll like. Our office furniture range in Melbourne is huge, so youâ??ll be able to match it to your existing style and layout or choose from our exciting range new office furniture for a complete fitout. All Niki Office Furniture products are carefully sourced and tested for durability, style and price. All our products and services come backed by our no questions Niki Office Furniture 10 year warranty..
(Missing Contact Name)
Business Number: (03) 9551 1544
Member Name: Michael Panourias GM

Description: First impressions often count and can be very hard to change subsequently. This holds true not just for people and their properties. It is especially the case with commercial establishments in the corporate world. Clients and business associates often base their business decisions on their first impressions and perceptions. Therefore, leave no stone unturned to give your office or facility, a smart and organised look. Get yourself the best commercial offices cleaning services in the city, with Envy Cleaning Solutions
Contact Name: Chris Balas
Business Number: 03 9511 8293
Business Mobile: 0474130008
Member Name: chris